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  2. Hope my MJ followers don’t get mad, but I’m just amazed someone thought of this.

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  3. On the corner of a street, somewhere in every state of America.

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    Character: Lucas Bishop

    Series: X-Men 


    Now this is a cool submission.

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    Remember when Dexter ate a giant burrito and thought he was going to die but it turned out he just had to fart.

    haven’t we all been there

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    The answer to the world’s Jaywalking epidemic.

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    wait….wait for it.   my gif!  :)


    The art of Playing Dead

    The cat’s delayed reaction is very Loony Toons to me. lol

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    Refreshing Natural beauty #nomakeup #smoothskin #finegirlnopimples #eatright #locs #beauty #naturalhair #naturalfemale #godsgift

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    I follow back everyone!

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